• Accident benefits- This insurance is mandatory as the company will pay the loss at the time of accident, as it covers the people who are dependent on you like your spouse or relatives. The coverage also includes the expense of death and other funeral processes. You will get the benefit at this point also.

  • Third party liability coverage- Under this process the company pays the amount on your behalf when you met with an accident and the driver who was driving with your prior permission but his/her name is not listed under and damages the property of the third party then the amount which is payable is mandatory, this is the mandatory coverage which you need while purchasing car insurance.


  • Collision- Collision is the type of coverage which helps you in paying off the repair charges, and the deductible is charged on the coverage which you purchase.

  • Uncertain Damage- Damage can occur anytime, and for this type of damage this policy is perfect to fulfill your repair charges for your car equipment and on other accessories as well.

  • Certain Damage- This coverage is for the perils which are fire, lightning, earthquake, riot or theft. The best part is the deductible which is applied.

  • Comprehensive Coverage- Comprehensive coverage is the type of coverage under which the car hits with other object or collision, and on the other hand, the policy deductible is applied to comprehensive coverage.